Hello World!

My parents decided it would be much easier for them to keep all the memories in a digital format. I think this is truly a sign of the changing times.

You can do all kinds of things here:

  • Learn about what is happening in my life using my Personal Log. I will be trying to keep it up to date and fun with pictures and milestones.
  • Information about my family is just a click away.
  • Check out my digital thank you notes for all the cool shower gifts I received at the shower as well as at home for those who shipped direct!
  • Again lots of pictures and media will be stored here or linked to from this website.
  • You can even submit your own photos of me (and you hopefully) here. They may just make it onto the website somewhere!
  • Also, I have this really cool place where you can write me anytime. I won't get access to this until later in life (10-18 years from now) but I know there are things that you are going to want to tell me about, warn me about, or share with me about our time together. Just drop me a line and it will get sent to my Memories folder which I will get later on in life. How cool is that? Being able to tell me about something as simple as that walk in the park the other day or something huge like how you hope I will grow up to be a handsome, kind, and caring person!
There may be more stuff added down the road but this is a good start with two months before I even get here!