Obviously there isn't much to tell at this point.  I haven't even been born yet.  I currently swish around off an on all day without a care in the world.  I do however have a sense of humor already.  For instance, Papa likes to feel for my kicks.  Whenever he puts his hand on Mom's tummy to feel for me I stop kicking, HA HA!  And then when he is trying to listen for movement of a heartbeat... I kick him in the face, HA HA!  And when Mom thinks she is going to be able to walk through an entire store without having to stop for a bathroom break I do my impression of Chun Li on her bladder, HA HA!  I am a riot!  

Anyways I will be sure to update with Birth Weight, Height, and Date as soon as that happens.  In the meantime I will be chilling, gaining weight, and getting ready for my birthday!


I was born!  When I arrived I weighed a nice even 8 lbs and was 19 7/8 inches long.  They wouldn't give me the last 1/8 but that is cool.  I will make it up quickly.  Also, I was born at 5:02 am.  I just missed being born on the same day as my Big Poppa but he said it was cool because now we can celebrate all week long.  I was born with a nice solid head of dark hair and darker eyes.  I am still not sure if they will stay dark and if they are even brown like my Papa's but only time will tell.  So far I enjoy long feeding sessions, looking at lights, and figuring out my body.  I will keep everyone posted but I have a feeling that much more will be gleaned from the photos and videos as to who I am... at least until I figure out language.