My Family

My Mom and Papa met while they were at work.  They bonded over their mutual love of geeky things like Karaoke, A/V stuff, and Star Trek.  Eventually they got a cat, bought a house, and got a dog.  

The cat likes to try and bolt out the door, eating treats, and terrorizing the dog.  His name is Psnacks and is a fluffy bundle of joy (mostly).

The dog is named Q.  She came into my parents life after they moved into the house.  She enjoys telling secrets, snuggling, and pretending to be afraid of the cat.  

Mom enjoys quiet times at home, loud nights at Karaoke, and keeping on top of the household management stuff like finances and food.  She is a mean couponer and isn't afraid to wait on a good deal.

Papa travels a lot for work so when he makes it home he likes to relax with the family, meet up with friends, and working on projects like building his work bench or tinkering on the car.  I almost forgot to mention his intense love of roller coasters.  

My grandparents are the coolest people on the planet.  They all love me so much (even though at the time this is written I haven't even made it to breathing, yet).

My Gabby and Opa live really close to me so I already know the sounds of their house.  They have two kids of their own (besides my Papa) as well as two dogs (Spartacus and Electra), three cats (Monty, Chase, and Evie), a turtle (Henry/etta), a whole pond of fishes, and some deer to look at if I am really quiet.  I can't wait to craft with Gabby and hit metal with Opa in the shed.  Uncle Westley will be teaching me the fine art of large machine appreciation while Uncle Mitchell will show me how to score... on the soccer field! 

My Grandma and Big Poppa live farther away (currently in Baton Rouge, LA) but like to check in as often as they can.  The wonders of modern technology mean I am never more than a few clicks away from a guitar lesson with Big Poppa or my Grandma singing me a song.  They share space with their two dogs, Bob and Maggie and also have a child (besides my Mom).  Uncle Charlie lives in Houston, TX and knows that when it comes time for me to cook he will be showing me some ropes.

My Great Grandparents live farther away, too.  That just means I get to go visit new places to hang out with them.  My Scallon Great Grandparents live in New Smyrna Beach, FL and My Kern Great Grandmother lives in Lockport, NY.

My Great Grandfather Kern and my Grandpa Patterson are hanging out in heaven keeping a watch over me and my family.  I didn't meet them but I am glad they made such a great family for me to be born into.  

There are a lot more family members around the country as well.  All of them are special and I hope to meet as many as I can as soon as I can.